Although dné (pronounced [d-neh]) aka Ondrej Holy is not classically trained and has almost no knowledge of music theory, his music speaks with an innate musicality. His style draws on beautiful orchestrations, sample-heavy techniques (including field recordings), organic beats and DIY-type recording and arrangement, giving his music a unique sound with an overarching cinematic feel.

Whilst aiming to create something timeless, the album, entitled ‘These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere’, became a 5 year long process of devotion, commitment and realisation. The record communicates an underlying commentary on today’s world of Internet driven hyper-realities, superficial connections and the increasing elusiveness of romance and relationships. Reflected in the song titles are themes of late-night chats, online dating, and fleeting moments of intimacy instead of finding deep and meaningful relationships.

In Ondrej’s own words: “You just live a long series of these semi feelings that are OK for the moment but don’t leave a significant memory in the long run.”

As a result, these aren’t love songs but they are Ondrej’s reflections on trying to navigate through these experiences, which may feel melancholic but always seem to gain a light optimism in the end.


"Between pristine production and strong songwriting, dné consistently turns less into more." - Sputnik Music

„dné prefers trapping sounds from real life audio – which can be as simple as moving boxes or recycling glass and plastic – and mixing them into his tracks. The result is a raw, unique sound that stands out from other musicians.“ – Wonderland


These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere won two national prizes for Album Of The Year (Vinyla, Apollo) and one for Best Electronic Album (Ceny Anděl)