’Basic Living’

A second album released 19th June 2023 via Platoon.

Pressed on black/white marble opaque vinyl limited to 600.

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Album press release:

dné [d-neh] is ambient electronic producer Ondřej Holý from Prague. He is set to release his second album Basic Living, via Platoon, on June 19 2023.

In short, Basic Living is about being at home, watching YouTube and feeling that life is ok. Descriptive song titles point in more specific directions; they vary from having to put down the phone to make music, dating and its ups and downs, health problems or taking pictures of random plants in cafes for social media content.

Basic Living also serves as an antithesis to all of the art that deals with "the end of the world", climate grief, current social issues or political discourse. “All of those things are valid sources for art, of course. I just wanted to make an album that covers the life in between,” says Holy.

It comes seven years after his debut album “These Semi Feelings, They Are Everywhere“ which won two Czech music awards for Best Album (Vinyl, Apollo) and one for Best Electronic Album (Anděl). In the meantime, he scored some notable work for TV and film, namely the HBO documentary film Nothing Like Before and a series for Czech TV called Pět let / Five years.

Sonically, compared to the debut which deliberately limited the means of expression, it is much more colorful. Pure ambient passages blend with sampled and sung voices, ethereal vintage synth pads, a variety of classical music instruments and midwest emo influenced guitars. Great emphasis is placed on organic beats, field recordings and lo-fi aesthetics.

FVLCRVM who sings in the first single “Traps In My Feed“, released on April 26 2023 and Floex who recorded the clarinet in “Thanks For Getting Me Home“ contributed to the album among others. The mix was taken care of by dné together with Aid Kid, the master by Zino Mikorey. The cover photo was shot by Julie Hrnčířová.


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